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eAccessibility in the EU countries and beyond

2009-01-09 04:02:09

The MeAC study recently published 28 eAccessibility Country Profiles, providing an overview of relevant policies and levels of eAccessibility actually achieved in 25 EU countries, Australia, Canada and the United States of America. The Profiles are based on the information gathered by the MeAC study team over the past three years. Each profile starts with a brief summary assessment followed by more detailed information presented according to several sub-themes. The Country Profiles offer an opportunity to learn more about the current state of affairs in a given country to people dealing with eAccessibility (including representatives from disability organisations or industry, policy makers, researchers and others).
The “MeAC - Measuring Progress of eAccessibility in Europe” study was implemented as part of the follow-up to the European Commission’s Communication on eAccessibility of 2005. For the first time, this study has provided a comprehensive benchmarking of the eAccessibility situation in the EU Member States and three non-European comparison countries. The data set generated for this purpose represents by far the largest and most representative information on eAccessibility that has been available to date.
All in all, the results of MeAC show that, whilst some progress towards eAccessibility can be detected in Europe, this has not been enough and