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Understanding and measuring transformative use of ICTs in Europe's regions: Final Report

2009-01-05 10:19:38

The TRANSFORM project, coordinated by empirica, explored the conditions for transformative use of ICTs by European regions. It also looked into the ways in which such use can be measured and benchmarked.
By introducing the notion of "transformative use of ICTs", the study tried to better explain one of the basic challenges affecting the European territory today, namely the persistence of marked regional disparities in exploiting the full potential of ICT. Our research suggests that boosting a region's capacity for transformative use of ICT implies the need to strengthen their Regional Innovation Culture.
The Final Report, now published on www.transform-eu.org, summarises of key insights obtained through the research conducted in TRANSFORM. The document also includes recommendations to various target groups, including policy-makers at regional and EU level.
Also available is a Policy Brief which has been written, in particular, for people involved in the formulation of policies for development of the knowledge-based economy and society at regional level.