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SOPRANO's "Second phase prototype testing"- First tests successfully held

2009-01-05 00:00:00

empirica is currently managing usability tests of AAL components developed within the SOPRANO project. The usability tests belong to the second phase of prototype testing with future SOPRANO users. This time, tests focuse on testing usability of individual components developed within SOPRANO. Tests are conducted in individual interviews, usually in laboratory settings.
During November and December 2008, three SOPRANO components have been tested: The remote control, the user interface on the TV and on the touch screen. Tests have been conducted at four sites with altogether more then 20 older end users. Results are currently being analysed and will help technical project partners to further improve components before the start of the field trials in summer 2009. The next phase of components tests will take place during January and February 2009 where the SOPRANO avatar and speech generation/recognition will be tested by older end users. Again, tests will take place at four sites: Frankfurt (Germany), Eindhoven (the Netherlands), San Sebastian (Spain) and Newham (United Kingdom).
A summary of results from both test phases will be made available on the SOPRANO project website. For further information on the WP 5.2 user tests please contact Sonja Müller:
sonja.mueller@empirica.com or visit www.soprano-ip.org