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SmartPersonalHealth satellite workshop at the Continua European Symposium 2011

2011-01-11 17:04:39

The two-day symposium starting on 17 January in Brussels will explore the options of personal connected health systems in areas such as chronic condition and health management, independent ageing and wellness.

Against this background, the SmartPersonalHealth project convenes stakeholders on the afternoon of 18 January for a workshop to discuss challenges and opportunities related to the introduction of personal health systems in routine healthcare, and to review and refine policy recommendations for European, national and regional level policy makers to promote the adoption of interoperable personal health systems.

The discussions will analyse the current state of the PHS market, identify complications and issues from the view of selected professionals, and present recommended actions for regulators, national and regional decision-makers, professional stakeholders, industrial stakeholders, and patients.

SmartPersonalHealth is a project funded by the European Commission. Participation is by invitation only and free of charge. For more information please go to http://sph.continuaalliance.org/eventsBrussels.html.