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Ingo Meyer
Photo Ingo Meyer
Research Consultant
Special subjects
Use of ICT in social and health care, ICT impacts on older people, family members and care providers, development and implementation of ICT-supported services in different framework conditions, business case modelling, use of ICT by people with disabilities, eInclusion and eAccessbility. Evaluation and impact analysis, cost-benefit analysis, statistical methods, benchmarking, life style research and social structure analysis.
Professional training
Sociologist, M. A.
Study of Sociology, Political Science and Theology at Bonn university.
The focus of his sociological studies has been on quantitative statistics (esp. non-linear methods), life-style research and social structure analysis.
Professional experience
since 2002: empirica
1998 - 2002: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Seminar für Pastoraltheologie of the Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät
Current focus
Ingo was and is involved in several projects, including "INDEPENDENT - Coordinated eCare", "CommonWell - Common Platform Services for Ageing Well in Europe", "SOPRANO - Service-oriented Programmable Smart Environments for Older Europeans", eCare Benchmarking, "MeAC - Measuring Progress of eAccessibility in Europe" and "eInclusion@EU - Strengthening eInclusion & eAccessibility across Europe".
He was responsible for the "eHealth Benchmarking" study that reviewed existing measurement tools and systems for eHealth, as well as available eHealth statistics, in order to establish a framework for data compilation and to make progress towards the establishment of an effective eHealth benchmarking system in Europe.
Ingo also is an expert in modern technologies of information management and works in the development and implementation of empirica's public relation strategy.
His expertise in the field of eAccessibility also includes practical aspects of the development, implementation and testing of accessible websites and online applications.