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Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2004

eWork / Zukunft der Arbeit

Gareis, Karsten / Hüsing, Tobias / Mentrup, Alexander: What Drives eWork? An Exploration into Determinants of eWork Uptake in Europe. Paper presented at ITA 2004, 9th International Telework Workshop, Heraklion, 6-9 September. (Text / Präsentation)

Hanhike, Tiina / Gareis, Karsten: Modelling eWork – Towards a better understanding of information technology’s impact on workplaces and work locations. Paper presented at the 22nd Annual International Labour Process Conference, Amsterdam, 5-7 April.

Gareis, Karsten / Korte, Werner B.: eWork in Germany. In: Commission of the European Communities, DG Information Society (ed): Collaboration@Work. The 2004 Report on new working environments and practices. Brussels 2004.

The full report can be downloaded from the website of the Commission's New Working Environments Unit http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/atwork/information/



Robinson, Simon / Stroetmann, Karl / Stroetmann, Veli: Tele-homecare for Chronically-ill Patients: Improved Outcomes and New Developments. In: The Journal on Information Technology in Healthcare 2004, 2(4), 252-262.



Kubitschke, Lutz / Cullen, Kevin: Policy Approaches to Involve Societal At-Risk Groups in European eServices. In: Cunningham, P. & Cunningham, M. (2004) "eAdoption and the Knowledge Economy - Issues, Applications, Case Studies". Amsterdam et al: IOS Press, pp. 624-630.

Hüsing, Tobias: The Impact of ICT on Social Cohesion: Looking beyond the Digital Divide. European Commission DG Joint Research Center, Technical Report EUR 21474 EN.

Hüsing, Tobias: The Digital Divide in Central and Eastern Europe - an Empirical Overview. Review of Sociology of the Hungarian Sociological Association 10 (2): 5-15.

Gareis, Karsten / Cullen, Kevin / Korte, Werner B.: Putting the User at the Centre - Implications for the Provision of Online Public Services. In: Cunningham, P. & Cunningham, M. (2004) "eAdoption and the Knowledge Economy - Issues, Applications, Case Studies". Amsterdam et al: IOS Press, pp. 611-618.

Gareis, Karsten / Osimo, David: Benchmarking Regional Performance in the Information Society: Turning It into Practice. Paper presented at 5th Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, September 18-22, Brighton, UK.

Hüsing, Tobias / Selhofer, Hannes: DIDIX: A Digital Divide Index for Measuring Inequality in IT Diffusion. In IT&SOCIETY, Vol. 1, Issue 7, Spring/Summer 2004, pp. 21-38.

Gareis, Karsten: Towards User-centred eGovernment – Understanding Potential Demand for Online Public Services. Paper presented at the TeleCities conference "Urban Impacts of the Information Society: Facts, Fiction and Policies", March 17-19 2004, The Hague.

Gareis, Karsten: Key Challenges for Benchmarking Regions in the Information Society -- Results from the BISER project. Presentation at the UNDERSTAND workshop, May 24 2004, Bordeaux.