Summaries of 14 workshops about knowledge transfer in Europe now online

In 2011 and 2012 empirica conducted 14 workshops about knowledge transfer in Europe, comprising 38 countries. The summaries of all workshops are now available for download at the website of the Knowledge Transfer Study, to be accessed at They are a unique source of information about the current status and developments of knowledge transfer in European Member States and Associated Countries.

The study's focus is knowledge transfer from universities and other public research organisations to business in the form of joint research, patents and licenses as well as spin-offs. "The workshops showed a great diversity of national knowledge transfer profiles and challenges in Europe", says study manager Stefan Lilischkis of empirica, "but the countries have one thing in common: They are all taking knowledge transfer increasingly seriously." The workshops showed a high commitment to tackling the issue and increasing professionalisation. However, it also became obvious that knowledge transfer remains a complex and difficult issue. European universities still have a long road to travel to establish related strategies, procedures and capacities.

Altogether 702 experts in the field of knowledge transfer attended the workshops, affiliated with universities, other public research organisations, governments, knowledge transfer agencies, business associations and enterprises. Discussions revolved about the current situation and challenges of knowledge transfer in the respective countries.

The Knowledge Transfer Study is a service on behalf of the European Commission's Directorate General Research and Innovation. It will be concluded in April 2013. The purpose of the study is to monitor the implementation of the Commission's Recommendation about intellectual property management in knowledge transfer from 2008 (see Furthermore, the study includes surveys of national policy makers, knowledge transfer offices and private enterprises. Reports on intermediate results are available at the study's homepage